The BP Elopement Guide

Elopement Overview

A BP elopement in Colorado with less than 30 guests is $2,500 and includes two to three hours of elopement coverage as well as my travel time to and from your elopement location(s). You can read more details about booking your BP elopement here.

Officiant or Marrying Yourselves

In Colorado you can get legally married by signing your documents yourself! No officiant is needed to perform your marriage ceremony or validate it. While you can hire a local officiant if you’d like to have someone perform your ceremony, I recommend using a family member or dear friend as your officiant. They won’t need to be ordained or anything!


If your elopement is just you two reading your vows to one another, your elopement and ceremony can take place pretty much at any location!

If your elopement includes an officiant and/or a number of guests/witnesses, you’ll need to get a permit for a specific location to perform your marriage ceremony at. A ceremony permit ranges from $100 to around $300. Two popular elopement locations are Rocky Mountain National Park and Sapphire Point.

There are a lot of ceremony locations to choose from so I encourage you to do some online research for wedding/elopement ceremony locations in Colorado to find the exact location that fits what you’re looking for. I’d be happy to help you find the perfect ceremony location for the look you’re wanting for your elopement!

Although your ceremony has to be at a permitted location, once your ceremony is over I’ll take you driving around to nearby locations with scenic views to photograph more elopement portraits.




You are welcome to create your own elopement timeline and schedule your ceremony for whatever time you want. However I personally recommend scheduling a sunrise/morning elopement or a sunset/evening elopement for the absolute best lighting for your images.

If you’re wanting to have your elopement ceremony mid-day, keep in mind that nearly all of my work that you see in my portfolio is sunrise or sunset light. Mid-day light can be harsh and might not result in the look you’re wanting for your elopement images.

Elopements that have no guests are the easiest to manage working around a sunrise or sunset schedule but it’s also possible to do a sunrise or sunset ceremony with guests in attendance.

If you do a sunrise elopement, I’ll meet you two at sunrise without your guests to photograph all of your gorgeous elopement portraits. You can also read your vows to one another during this time. After an hour or two of sunrise portraits, we would meet up with your guests at your ceremony location to perform your ceremony.

Following your ceremony and family portraits, you’ll have the rest of your elopement day to spend with your friends and family. Most couples like to schedule a brunch or lunch as an elopement reception.

If you do a sunset elopement, we’ll start with your early evening ceremony first and then after your ceremony and family portraits, your guests will go on ahead to your reception and/or dinner reservation. I’ll take you two driving around to different scenic locations during the hour or two before the sun sets to do all of your elopement portraits and then I’ll drop you back off at your car or with your guests at the location you request.





Florals & Styling

Just because you’re not doing a full traditional wedding day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have all the pretty things! I’m happy to help you secure a florist and hair and make-up artist for your elopement date.