Purchase BP Presets + Editing Education Film

Invest in your art

BP Presets + Brushes + Editing Education Film

six presets // six adjustment brushes // 45-minute editing education workshop film

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in your art! The creation and success of Brittany Photographs was absolute magic for me and I’m incredibly honored that through sharing my BP presets for other photographers to create art with, I’m able to give all of you a little bit of the magic and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my years as a wedding and portrait photographer!

Your BP Presets + Brushes download will include:


Three BP Color Presets

Three BP Black + White Presets

Six Adjustment Brushes

BP Editing Education Workshop Film (45 minutes)


Invest in your art.

Purchase the complete set of BP Presets + Brushes + a 45 Minute Lightroom Editing Education Film for $129

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