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Haylee + Steven / Wedding

They had a Harry Potter themed reception!! Need I say more? It’s always an honor when a couple who also does photography seek out your art for their wedding photography. Congrats you two!


Maci + Taylor / Greenville, Florida Destination Wedding

You may not know this couple. Or you may think you know them because you see them on your television several times a week. The thing about Maci and Taylor that only their close friends and family know, is that they’re incredibly, genuinely, perfectly, and absolutely made for one another. There was a moment during […]


Perri + Chris / Wedding

Between the dress and the fact that toward the end of the night way after dinner had been served, hundreds of Krystal burgers showed up out of nowhere, I’m pretty sure this wedding has become a new favorite of mine! There was so much love yesterday between Perri and Chris, and their friends and family. […]


Julie + Grant / Wedding

Julie and Grant. Just married. Her wedding dress strap broke completely and had to be sewn back together by my assistant Kalyn. He was accidentally wearing one of his groomsmen’s shirt for half the day. Their wedding day was perfectly hilarious and joyous and 100% authentically them. Brides that roll with the punches and shotgun […]

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