Maci + Taylor / Greenville, Florida Destination Wedding

You may not know this couple. Or you may think you know them because you see them on your television several times a week. The thing about Maci and Taylor that only their close friends and family know, is that they’re incredibly, genuinely, perfectly, and absolutely made for one another. There was a moment during the wedding reception when Maci, her mom, and I were talking while her bridesmaid adjusted her dress. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Taylor reached his hand out to his new wife and grabbed ahold of hers softly. He didn’t even have to look at her. He just reached out to let her know that even in the midst of eating his dinner and talking to their friends, he was thinking of her, he was supporting her, he was there for her, he loved her.

An incredible amount of drama and stress came into my life when Maci became my client, and then friend, over the past year and a half. Not from her, because when you have a Maci in your life you’re grateful for her. She’s supportive, kind, joyful, and just downright fun to be around. But the life her and Taylor live, the television show and everything else that comes along with it, it’s such a big, all-encompassing way to live and I think no one but those who live it can truly understand it. I got a taste of it this past year while working with Maci and for every moment that I looked at her and wondered how she does it, I also had moments that I looked at her, the amazing friends and family she has, and knew that outside of the Maci that the world thinks they know, there’s the real Maci. And the real Maci is such an amazing soul that no television crew could ever actually capture the depths of who she is.

Despite a huge MTV crew and everything else that comes along with it, I worked hard to spend Maci and Taylor’s wedding day seeing them only as what they truly are: a genuinely in love couple who deserved a memorable day of celebration with their loved ones.

I say all of this not to take away from the path Maci and Taylor have chosen, the show, etc., but to say to those of you who aren’t their close family and friends, who aren’t there to witness this wonderful couple “in real life,” that Maci and Taylor, and the beautiful family they share together, are unique because they are good people, better people, than the world will ever know despite how much the world thinks they know.

Congratulations Maci and Taylor! You deserve every single bit of happiness that you have now and that you will continue to have in your future. Love you both.

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