Styled Wedding Formals

Falling in love with a new chapter of art every January is one of my favorite experiences each year. By the time fall portrait season ends in December, all photographers are exhausted + wondering what happened because the last time they checked in with themselves, it was early August. The best part of the fall portrait season whirlwind is the break that follows it come January. The slowest month for any photographer, January allows us to reset ourselves, re-evaluate our work, make changes, set goals.

January also is a time for personal work! I always try to shoot personal work, even in my busiest months. It’s important to take a step back from client work + shoot just for the fun of it, for the creativity of it. It renews you as an artist + makes you a better artist for your clients. One of my January personal shoots was this styled wedding formal session that I shot at the BP cabin. This is the second shoot under my new 2016 editing flow + I am so happy with how these images turned out!

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Jessica / Creative